Unionized Construction Industry

Safety, Training & Experience

Safety Facts

31% of Unionized workers have fewer injuries.

A 2 year study based on WSIB claims data from 40,000 construction firms employing 1.5 million full time employees across Ontario proves this fact. Key factors for this result more robust specialized apprenticehip programs and safety training for unionized members.

Training Future Generations

Over 260 million is invested in 95 joint union/employer training centres across Ontario. The Unionized Construction Industry provides first-rate apprenticeship and upgrade training to ensure the workers are ready to meet the demands of the job.

150 years in the making

Construction trade unions in Ontario trace back to as far as the 1800's. Contractors and Labour work together to deliver quality projects safely, on-time, and on budget. Unionized Construction Industry works to create innovative tools to

  • facilitate labour
  • management relations
  • develop best practices to boost productivity
  • safety
  • skills training

To learn more about Safety Facts, Training Future Generations and 150 years in the making please visit this link:


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